Recipient of the 2015 Harold Simon Award for Excellence in Teaching
(highest teaching distinction in the College of Engineering)

HaroldSimon_BSA_ed“The late Dr. Harold A. Simon was a UIC professor of mechanical engineering renowned for his teaching excellence. In 1985, as a memorial to Dr. Simon, an award recognizing teaching excellence was established by the College of Engineering. One award is presented each year to a faculty member who exemplifies the dedication, distinguished service, and teaching excellence that were the hallmarks of the late Dr. Simon’s career.”

CHE210 – Material and Energy Balances [Fall 2009-2014, Spring 2013-2015]

CHE494 – Magnetic Resonance for Engineers [Fall 2008, Spring 2010]

CHE312 – Transport Phenomena II [Spring 2011]

CHE422 – Biochemical Engineering [Fall 2011-2014]