@ North Carolina State University

Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Lecture: CBS810-C Cell Biology Seminar Series
Integrating experiments and modeling to probe mechanisms of protein regulation by membrane lipids  (April 2018)

Lecture: CBS787 Pharmacokinetics
Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling: Case studies (Nov 2017)

Lecture: CBS800 CBS Seminar Series
Math + Biochemistry + Physiology: An examination of toxicity and lipid-mediated toxicity reversal using integrative physiological models (Oct 2016)

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Co-instructor: ECE492/592 & PB495/595 Systems Biology Modeling of Multicellular Organisms (Fall 2018)

Guest lecture: ECE492/592 & PB495/595 Systems Biology Modeling of Plant Regulation (Nov 2017)