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Strategic enrichment grant for interdisciplinary work in systems biology and quantitative genetics

PI Akpa and colleagues have been awarded funds to support an interdisciplinary research effort blending systems biology, quantitative genetics, and immunology. (Announcement)

Project title: A systems biology approach to assess host transcriptomics and virus kinetics in reproductive gilts in the face of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

Lead PIs: Belinda Akpa (CVM) & Nick Serão (CALS)

Co-PIs: Johnathan Fogle, Glen Almond, Mark Knaeur

Our thanks to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine for their support!

NSF-supported research sheds light on the role of fat infusions in reversing poison-induced heart failure

Recovery without CPRA little oil in your veins could prevent loss-of-life.  As the rate of death due to unintentional poisoning outstrips that associated with motor vehicle accidents, the need for efficient antidotes is increasingly urgent. Our lab is working to accelerate the development of a potential broad-spectrum antidote by implementing mathematical models at molecular and organism scales and integrating these with the experimental findings of physician-scientists.

NSF Grant 1228035