Research Interests

⇒ We build mathematical models to provide quantitative conceptual frameworks that are…

⇒ Informed by basic science questions and translational challenges in biology with the aim of using these models to…

⇒ Inform further experimental interrogation of both the individual and collective behaviors of key players in important physiological processes


Our mathematical models connect molecular events to dynamic physiological outcomes. Of particular interest is the challenge of using numerical simulations to bridge length-scales in integrated computational and experimental investigations – with the aim of accelerating the translation of molecular and cellular level findings to applications. The models we develop involve mechanistic representations of biophysical, biochemical, and physiological events thought to underlie critical functional outcomes.  Integrated with experimental data, the models become valuable tools in hypothesis testing, identification of experimentally inaccessible causal mechanisms, hypothesis formulation, and experimental design.





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Soft Matter ODEs Lab

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