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The group will have two presentations at this year’s meeting.  PhD student Manuela Ayee will be presenting her work on the structural consequences of metabolite absorption in lipid layers in a Tuesday morning session on the Thermophysical Properties of Biological Systems.  Prof Akpa will contribute a Rapid Fire Oral presentation and poster on Monday evening in the CAST Division’s Interactive Session on Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis.

Engineering Week at STEM Magnet Academy

It’s that time of year again: Engineering week!  And UIC Chemical Engineers were lucky enough to spend another afternoon with Gretchen Brinza’s 4th graders at Chicago’s STEM Magnet Academy.  Our budding young engineers learned how to use surfactants and catalytic reactions to make foams of various types with occasionally explosive results.  Prof. Belinda Akpa, Prof. Randall Meyer and Prof. Vivek Sharma would like to thank ChemE Graduate students Jelena Dinic, Catalina Mogollon, and Subinuer Yilixati for joining us in sharing engineering concepts with a very enthusiastic bunch of students.

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“A creative modeling exercise resulting in significant gain in insight…”

An article by Dr Akpa and colleagues in the Department of Anesthesiology has been the subject of an upcoming editorial in the journal Anesthesiology. Dr. Geoffrey Tucker writes that the combination of complex small animal experiments and physiological modeling reported:

“… should be applauded as a creative modeling exercise resulting in significant gain in insight into the mechanisms of lipid resuscitation which opens the way for further investigation of the optimal clinical implementation …”

See the rest of the editorial here and see our paper here.

Engineering bubbles and foams with the students at Project SYNCERE

Foams workshop Dec 7 2013On Saturday, December 7, UIC ChemE faculty members Belinda Akpa, Vivek Sharma, and Randall Meyer will be leading a workshop on the science and applications of bubbles and foams.  This activity will contribute to the Emerging Engineers Program and will take place at Project SYNCERE’s home base on Chicago’s South Side. Nearly 40 middle and high-school students will learn about surface and interfacial phenomena through a series of hands-on investigations.







More about Project SYNCERE.

NSF-supported research sheds light on the role of fat infusions in reversing poison-induced heart failure

Recovery without CPRA little oil in your veins could prevent loss-of-life.  As the rate of death due to unintentional poisoning outstrips that associated with motor vehicle accidents, the need for efficient antidotes is increasingly urgent. Our lab is working to accelerate the development of a potential broad-spectrum antidote by implementing mathematical models at molecular and organism scales and integrating these with the experimental findings of physician-scientists.

NSF Grant 1228035