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The EMRLab (Molecular Biomedical Sciences) and the Rojas-Pierce lab (Plant and Microbial Biology) have recently received an NSF grant in support of their joint efforts to reveal the molecular rules underlying a critical dynamic function in plants: stoma opening as mediated by regulated vacuole fusion.  The 3 year award will support interdisciplinary research and outreach activities and provide research training for highschool, undergraduate, and graduate students.  The project also provides for transdisciplinary training of 2 postdocs. Are you interested in joining us? If so, keep reading.

NSF #1918746 Vacuole remodeling in guard cells during stomata movements

Postdoctoral Research Scholar Position in Computational Systems Biology A postdoctoral research scholar position is available immediately in the laboratory of Dr Belinda Akpa at North Carolina State University. The postdoc will work closely with plant cell biologists to develop a multi-scale model bridging intra-cellular protein dynamics with evolution of cell morphology by predicting organelle fusion dynamics. Responsibilities include mentoring undergraduate students and participating in outreach activities.

Applicants must have their PhD in Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Mathematical Biology, or a related field. Preference will be given to applicants with a demonstrated facility with cross-disciplinary communication and experience with computational modeling that includes working with varied experimental datasets. Experience with any of the following is particularly desirable: parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification, statistical inference, machine learning, and quantitative image analysis. Evidence of research productivity in the form of publications is important. The appointment is on an annual basis and renewable for up to 3 years.