Synthetic and Systems Biology Discussion Group kicks off at NC State

Starting on Friday, Sept 2 and monthly on the first Friday of each month, the Synthetic and Systems Biology (SyntheSys) cluster at NC State will be hosting a discussion series to foster cross-campus interactions and collaborations.

Meetings: first Friday of every month in David Clark Labs 101. Howling Cow ice cream, coffee, and socializing will begin at 3:30pm, and discussion session will run from 4-5pm.

The group’s goals are to:

  1. Help students, postdocs, and faculty efficiently learn about relevant methodologies (“Hammers”) and biological questions (“Nails”).
  2. Promote collaborations and identify unexpected synergies.

Each session will focus on a specific theme with a highly interactive format of:

  1. A “Hammer talk”: 15 minute talk about a method (detailed background and identification of strengths and limitations)
  2. A “Nail talk”: 15 minute talk on a related “Nail” (i.e., biological question)

Speakers will focus on informative background material, current hurdles, and ambitious ideas. Each speaker will be followed by a 10-minute discussion period to permit Q&A and idea-generation. We will close with a final 10-minutes for open exchange.