Plants, iron, and systems models! Our new pub with Dr Terri Long

Solving the puzzle of Fe homeostasis by integrating molecular, mathematical, and societal models. Current Opinion in Plant Biology
Congrats to postdoc Dr Charles Hodgens for his new lead author publication in Current Opinion in Plant Biology! In this paper, we outline recent findings in the area of iron homeostasis and highlight the complexity of the multiscale regulatory events underlying Fe stress responses. We describe briefly how known and hypothesized regulatory mechanisms can be integrated into formal models whose validity can be explored via simulation-based inference — even in the absence of abundant quantitative data. Finally, we discuss how the interdisciplinary conversations that help drive this kind of work can be fostered through inclusive scientific teams.  

Did you miss out on Finding Your Inner Modeler?

If you missed out on attending the Finding Your Inner Modeler workshop this year, you can catch the presentations and discussions on the new FYIM YouTube channel. You’ll find collaborative project presentations, 3 keynotes, a presentation from an NSF program manager and more.  Look out for opportunities to engage with this community of modelers and cell biologists at next year’s event.

New pub @ Drugs in R&D

Predicting Inter-individual Variability During Lipid Resuscitation of Bupivacaine Cardiotoxicity in Rats: A Virtual Population Modeling Study
Matthew McDaniel, Kevin Flores, Belinda Akpa

“Using the exemplar of bupivacaine systemic toxicity and a PBPK-PD model in rats, we have demonstrated how limited physiological data can inform a model that predicts population outcomes of lipid therapy.” 

In this paper, we combined mechanistic modeling, machine learning, and causal analysis to predict resuscitation outcomes across a virtual population and characterize the relative contributions of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic mechanisms to improved survival outcomes. 

EMRLab welcomes Mustafa Farahat!

We’re thrilled to welcome Mustafa Farahat to our team! Mustafa has just finished his first year in the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering PhD Program at UT-Knoxville. Building on his undergraduate training and research experience in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at Iowa State University, he will be developing quantitative systems pharmacology models in support of our drug discovery interests.